Klein System 4900

The Klein System 4900 is a versatile Side Scan Sonar that can be used for many different survey, search and recovery applications. The system is easy to operate, dual frequency and portable as well as being designed specifically to complete wide area, deep water searches.

The high fidelity, high-definition imaging abilities and the portability of the System 4900 make it an ideal tool for Search and Recovery (SAR) missions while its rugged construction, selectable frequencies and 300 m operational depth rating provide superb capabilities for the coastal survey and security communities. The System 4900 employs both a user selectable CW pulse transmission mode and advanced broadband CHIRP signal processing technology which, when coupled with Klein’s proprietary despeckling algorithms, provide extraordinary long range, high resolution seafloor images.

Image quality is further improved by the System 4900 transducer design which is optimized to provide very narrow horizontal beam widths and thereby exceptional along-track resolution. The combined result of these discriminating features is a high quality image resolution at long ranges which is comparable to higher frequency systems. When sonar detail and range is important, look to Klein for the solution!

Key Features

  • Dual, Simultaneous Frequencies
  • CHIRP and CW Modes of Operation
  • Operates on AC or DC
  • Depth Rated to 300 m


  • Search and Recovery
  • Inland Water Surveys
  • BOEM Surveys
  • Port and Harbor Security
  • Hydrographic Surveys
  • Archaeological Surveys
  • Treasure/Wreck Hunting
  • Hull Surveys
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