Klein System 5900

Klein Marine System’s 5900 sonar is the flagship in our exclusive family of multi-beam side scan sonar systems offering advanced ultra-high resolution dynamically focused side scan imagery with integrated nadir gap filler sonar technology and co-registered swath bathymetry. This system excels in high speed MCM and surveillance missions.

The system is a highly configurable multi-functional platform that allows high-speed surveys up to 12 knots with 100% bottom coverage. Its non-magnetic tow body is hydrodynamically designed to provide a stable towing for increased acoustic performance, natural depression capabilities and overall robustness.

The Klein 5900 high-resolution side scan sonar doubles the already legendary resolution of the Klein 5000 for mine countermeasure (MCM) grade images. The 5900 uses more than twice the number of acoustic channels available on its predecessors. This coupled with a carefully selected center frequency of 600 kHz and an acoustic aperture of 182cm produces high-resolution images of superior quality.

Key Features

  • Across-track resolution - 3.75 cm
  • Along-track resolution - 0.07°
  • High-Speed Surveys up to 12 knots
  • 100% Bottom Coverage
  • Nadir Gap Filler Sonar
  • Swath Bathymetry Sonar
  • Actuated Depressor Wing with Dual Actuator
  • Roll Bias Compensation
  • Emergency Fly Out / Up
  • Integrated Fiber Optic Gyro


  • Mine Countermeasure (MCM) Mission Support
  • Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Missions (ISR)
  • Q-Route Surveys
  • Rapid Environmental (Bathymetry) Assessment Surveys
  • Port and Harbor Security
  • Hydrographic Surveys
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