Klein System D3500TF

The Klein System D3500TF is a digital CHIRP Side Scan Sonar designed for high-resolution, deep water surveys up to a depth of 3000 m. The high fidelity, high definition imaging abilities make the D3500TF system an ideal and versatile tool for various deep water survey applications.

The D3500TF employs a CHIRP transmission mode. Klein’s advanced broadband CHIRP signal processing technology coupled with Klein’s proprietary display algorithms, provides extraordinary long range, and high resolution seafloor acoustic imagery.

Dual simultaneous frequency (100/400 kHz) operation is standard in the D3500TF. 100 kHz provides long range, 600 m per side, search capability while 400 kHz provides higher resolution imagery for target classification to 200 m range per side.

Key Features

  • Dual, Simultaneous Frequencies (100/400 kHz)
  • Depth Rated to 3000m
  • Hydrodynamic Stainless Steel Tow Fish
  • Optional Magnetometer and Responder Interface Units
  • Automatic Variable Rate Bandwidth Telemetry
  • Easy Operation


  • Geology / Geophysical
  • Geo Hazard Mapping
  • Cable and Pipeline Routing and Inspection
  • Archaeological Surveys
  • Search and Recovery (SAR)
  • Submarine Rescue
  • Oceanographic Surveys
  • Minerals and Mining
  • Benthic Habitat Mapping
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